IDEO PREMIERE: HouseTwins feat. Chris Kid – Heaven
HouseTwins feat. Chris Kid – Heaven

You ‘re my heaven!

Έτοιμο το νέο video clip των Housetwins για το νέο τους hit single Heaven feat. Chris Kid!

Απολαύστε το! Και όσοι κάνουν like εδώ μέχρι τις 20:00 έχουν δώρο…

HouseTwins – Heaven feat. Chris Kid – lyrics

Show me the place that you ‘re hiding.
Show me where your sun is rising.
Take me wherever you ‘re going.
There are so many things you ‘re not showing.

I heard you call ’em heaven.
cause you are my heaven.

Like the sun and the moon light the sky.
Like the moment you feel you can fly.

You ‘re my heaven.

Tell me why I keep on fighting.
Tell me the reason I ‘m trying.
Now that my feelings are growing.
Show me those things you are not showing.

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