April 2012. Hit Channel had the great pleasure to talk to Truckfighters. Truckfighters is probably the best cult band in the world, with very dedicated fans and hot gigs. Listen right now to their latest album “Mania” and watch “Fuzzomentary” documentary about the band! Read below what Dango (guitar) told us a few weeks before their Greek shows:


Are you satisfied with the feedback you have already received from fans and press for your “Mania” album?

Oh yes, we got awesome reviews in most places and that feels very good considering the fact that we did an album far from the commercial norm. It’s our most progressive work so far, we love it but I know we, for a while, were thinking something like – “what the hell is people gonna think about this?” – seems the true music lovers like it and that is cool.


How did the US tour go? Were the American fans familiar with your songs?

It went very well. We have a (small) amount of hardcore fans everywhere it seems. On every show there were at least a few people there who talked to us and said they waited so long for us to come to the USA and that they thought we are the best band in the world. I still don’t know how to handle it when people are looking at you in that adoring way, like you are a superhuman, or a demi god or whatever. And then they tell you they’ve been driving for 6 hours one-way to the gig, it’s crazy and cool. We just need a bit more fans so we can live on the music, right now we try to do so, but still have to work a little every now and then with “normal” stuff. I record and mix bands and do live sound for example. I can recommend Fuzzorama Records Studio Bombshelter in Örebo, very good, cool and with lots of rock’n roll feeling ;) And it is also not that expensive and it is a residential studio so bands can actually live there.


truck1Are you happy with the final result of “Fuzzomentary” film?

Very happy! We were actually not really involved in the production of the film. The filmmkers Jörg Steineck and Christian Macijewski did it from their own idea and we haven’t interfered with their plans.


Was it difficult to persuade Josh Homme (Kyuss, Queens of The Stone  Age, Them Crooked Vultures) to participate in “Fuzzomentary”? How much spontaneous were his answers?

I don’t know anything on how this came to be, sorry! I do think it is cool as fuck though! The film RULES, everyone should watch it :)


Do you think your studio works is just the medium for the fans to learn what you’re doing and that the real thing is the gigs?

Not really, it is different, but same. Same thing in different forms perhaps. Live it is more raw power energy and on the albums a bit more details perhaps. I consider it an art to write songs, record them and also the mixing process. If you mix it bad the original art will be given a bad exposure. If you mix it well you can make it reach that sonic peak you only have within your mind when you compose the songs.


How close is a new Truckfighters album?

It will be ready this year for sure. (almost sure)


Do you get angry when you see the music the mainstream media promote and that great musicians like you, have to do day-jobs to make a living?

Every time. I hate the mainstream music and I think most (normal) people are stupid. Especially when it comes to music, ha ha ha ha. I do my best to be not normal, to stay away from the path that the society pushes you towards. Normality is boring.


truck2Are you happy with the triumphant return of LP format?

Both yes and no. I mean the sound isn’t better in my opinion. The good thing is that when you put on a LP you usually listen to the whole album like it is meant to be, not jumping between songs all the time. I don’t like the mp3 age in that sense. Truckfighters albums should be listened to in its whole unity.


Is there any great new band from Örebro to suggest us? How active is the Örebro scene right now?

Hard to say I am getting a bit too old to stay ajour. Örebro has a very good scene though, but yet no good live clubs, that’s strange.


What kind of music are you listening to right now?

My most listened album of 2011 was Katatonia – “The Great Cold Distance”. It is from 2006 I recon. Recorded in Örebro actually.


What do you have to expect from you about your Greek shows in early May?

Craziness. And hopefully some sex, drugs and rock’n roll , ha ha ha.


A huge “THANK YOU” to Truckfighters.

Please check www.truckfighters.com and www.truckfightersfilm.de


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