HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: October 2011.Hit Channel had the luck to talk with a very talented musician and songwriter:Tobi.Tobi is only 16 years old and he just released his debut album “Spirit In Me” by McTrax Records. Andy Fraser (Free,John Mayall bassist) made the amazing production. Tobi is eligible for voting in 9 Categories for 2012 Grammy Awards. Read below the very interesting thing he told us:


Are you satisfied from the feedback you have already received for ‘Spirit In Me’ album?

I am very happy with the reviews and opinions that other people have on my music, especially as it is only my first album and I feel I have a lot more to give with my next album.


When the songs were written? From what age you started writing songs?

I started writing at 12 with a band I was in called Wired, which I was the guitarist for. “Need You Tonight” which was originally called “Remember” was one of the first songs I ever actually started to write (the guitar riff), then was put on the shelf as I went to something else which I still do till this day.

Andy Fraser did a great job in production. Do you feel lucky for having Andy as a producer and collaborator?

No I don’t feel lucky, I am lucky! It is amazing to work with Andy, he has that old rock style but style in his writing but also has a great reggae feel to everything he does.

tobi2Which song do you enjoy the most playing live? I guess ‘The Real Thing’ and ‘All Along’ would be dynamites on stage!

I love playing “The Real  Thing” It’s always great fun live, also this you might find strange but I also love playing “You and Me”, because it is so laid back it gives me time to really get into the music.


In ‘Halfway There’ I hear an amazing sound which looks like Hammond. What’s this? It gives a 60s-70s vibe which is great!

Harmonica – Kevin Wyatt


What do you think is most special thing in ‘Spirit in Me’ which differs it from the other mainstream albums? I believe it’s the clear human-played bass-lines.

To me it would be the live playing and the range of different genres on the album.

The material of your second album will be in the same style as your debut’s? How much has you songwriting evolved since the period you composed the songs for ‘Spirit in Me’ ?

I’m sure there will be a lot of similarities in the next album to “Spirit in Me”, because of the collaboration between me and Andy. Other than that we shall have to wait and see.

Are you playing any covers during your gigs? If yes,which songs?

I usually always do a John Mayer song if I have acoustic then “Neon”, electric “Dancing In A Burning Room. Sometimes do some Robin Thicke which is “Lost Without You”.


tobi3What expectations do you have from the fact that you’re eligible for voting in 9 categories for the 2012 Grammy Awards?Were you surprised by that?

Yes it was very suprising and I was absoloutely amazed, that was after I realized I wasn’t being messed around with, and it was actually true.

With who artist you’d like the most to work/play/tour with?

That’s always a hard question for me as there are so many. I would love to play at Crossroads Festival with Eric Clapton. But would love to go on a tour with John Mayer.

Are you going to school? How much time do you dedicate daily to music?

I finished school in June so I have a lot of time for the studio and writing. I have also been doing some courses to keep myself busy and keep pushing myself with the guitar, no time to be lazy.


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A big “Thank You” to Tobi for his answers and to Curtis Smith from Maelstrom Public Relations for his great help.

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