snowy2HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: May 2011. We had the great honour to talk with a great guitarist and a very down-to-earth person,Snowy White.Snowy currently tours with Roger Waters for “The Wall”. He also participated in first “The Wall” tour in 1980 and in “The Wall Live in Berlin” in 1990. He was a member of Thin Lizzy from 1979-82 and he has played even with Peter Green and the 70s Swedish underground band November. He just released a new solo album, “Realistic”.



Your last solo efford is ‘Realistic’ album. Is was an easy process to record this album?

Recording my music is always a mixture of easy and difficult. Easy because I’m in complete control of the music, and difficult because it’s not easy to make the ideas in my head sound the same when they are recorded. But it’s great fun trying to do it.


I really enjoyed ‘Realistic’! Are you satisfied with the feedback you have already got from fans and press for this album? Do you think your solo career should have received more recognition (as I believe)?

Thanks for your kind comments about my music. The Realistic album seems to make a lot of people happy, so, I’m pleased about that. I’m happy with the amount of recognition I am getting. I started playing the guitar because I enjoy playing it, not to become famous.


How did you feel last week when David Gilmour and Nick Mason went on stage? How difficult was to be focused on your instrument, when THAT happens and you’re a part of it?
I’m used to that sort of thing, so it didn’t realy affect me at all. It was nice to see David again.


Do you enjoy being on the road for so long time?

Yes, I really do.


snowy1‘The Wall’ is one of the best albums ever written. How surreal is to tour for a such a legendary album 30 years after its first tour when you also participated in? (Harry told me ‘It’s surreal indeed,as I was 2 y.o when it was released’)

It’s not surreal for me. I don’t think about the past, i just enjoy what I’m doing right now.


You are working for many years with Roger Waters. How much difficult is to have Roger as work partner?

It’s not difficult to work with Roger. He treats all the musicians in a very good way. He is a lot of fun to work with.


You were playing with many great musicians. Is there anyone you’d like to play with and hasn’t happened yet? Maybe with Keith Richards?

There are some musicians that I really admire, but I don’t think about if I want to work with them. I prefer to watch them as a person in the audience.


Which is the most important thing you have learned after all these years as professional musician?

Sorry, I can’t answer this question…


Which are your expectations about the Athens,Greece shows which will be filmed? Send a message to Greek fans.

We are very much looking forward to coming to Athens and playing for all our Greek friends. I know that everyone will enjoy this great show!


Special thanks to Mr Snowy White and to Tracey Ganapathy for his help.


Buy ‘Realistic’ here:



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