Interview:Skin Tyson (Cast,Robert Plant,Men From Mars)


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skin3HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: January 2011. Hit Channel had the great luck to find Liam “Skin” Tyson, Cast and Robert Plant’s guitarist, and one of the best guitarists of our days. After a monogue banter from our side, describing to Skin the shock we suffered when we saw him playing in Athens in 2007 with Robert Plant, he told us the following interesting things.


The deluxe edition of ‘All Change’ is out. What memories do you have from the time you recorded it? How fast those 15 years passed for you?

Well the years have passed very fast and I have fond memories of recording “All Change”,it was at the end of rock n roll recording in a real rock n roll studio.Most exellent times.

Did you enjoy the UK tour with Cast after all these years? Do you think now there is more professionality and respect within the band members?

We all had a great time on tour it was just like we had never been apart and we still had great respect for each other.

Have you started to write stuff for a new Cast album? Who ‘ll be the producer?

Yes we have started working on a new album and hopefully we will have the Leckie (ed: John Leckie, producer/engineer,best known for his work with Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Cast and Stone Roses) man back on board.

skin2If I ‘d say that after the Oasis break up ,may there is more ‘space’ for Cast to get what they always deserve,which will be your answer?

I don’t think it’s about getting what you deserve it’s just the next chapter in Cast’s career.

Which are the latest news from Men From Mars camp? Have you done any recordings with them lately?

No we have not done any recordings of late but it is an on going project and we would like to do some more shows with a full electric band.The album will be downloadable very soon on Band camp.We will add more tracks as they come, it’s a very open ended and Mr Walker creative thing The Mars project.


With who musician you’d like to play with and hasn’t happened yet? Maybe with Scott Walker?

I would love to do something with Mr Roy Harper,working with Mr Walker would be cool too.

Which music do you listen to this period? Do you think Radiohead is the top band of our days? (as many we think)

Right now I really like Adel’s Stonsey sound and as for Radiohead, the Stone Roses hit the spot much more for me, still they are a great band, one of many from our days.

skin1How is life in Snowdonia? Do you miss the city life comforts?

Life is great in Snowdonia,very wet but when the sunshines and the surf is up it’s a beautiful place to be. As for city comforts (don’t think I had any) I do miss the Liverpool sunsets.

I ‘ve heard that Pyramid Dream were a truly fantastic band and their shows were written in history. How can we hear Pyramid Dream music? Had you recorded only demos?

We recorded lots of songs and made a compilation album on vinyl called “One Summer In Liverpool” and a cassette called “Born Again”,both distributed by Probe records (ed: I must ask Duncan Patterson to find me these releases).

What memories do you have from Greece? Is it possible to see you soon here?

Warm waters, lots of fires,people out on the streets sticking it to the Man (ed:Robert Plant) and a great show!

Send a message to your Greek fans.

Hey thank’s for your interest and support and if it is possible we would love to come and play in Skin


Special thanks to Liam “Skin” Tyson for his answers.It was hard to find him but we made it.

Also,thanks to Duncan Patterson (Ion,ex-Anathema,Antimatter) for his idea to find Skin and his help!

Check and Skin’s personal band Men From Mars here



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