HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: April 2012.We talked to KG West, guitarist and organist of the amazing Swedish band, Siena Root. Siena Root is a fantastic heavy rock band, with excellent releases and momentary live shows. Their latest release is the live album “Root Jam”. Read below the interesting things KG West told us:


Are you satisfied with the feedback you have already received from fans and press for your “Root Jam” live album?
Yes, the response from fans has been amazing, and reviews have been great so far, but it´s still a underground thing, as mainstream media are not showing too much interest yet.


How did the European tour go? Will you give more shows for 2012 in Europe?
The European tour that we just came back from felt like a success, as we had a good number of people turning up at every show, some new and some old fans, in every city, but the main impression was that people really enjoyed themselves and really got into the music every night! There will be another tour in November, and we are also trying to settle a few shows in Greece. We have played in Athens before, and this time we hope to include more cities too.


How close is a new Siena Root studio album? How different will be from ‘Different Realities’?
We are in the process of writing and rehearsing, and it´s very difficult to say how much time is needed. We have tons of ideas, and it will probably be very different from ‘Different Realities’, just as every album has been different from the previous one.


siena1Do you think your studio works is just the medium for the fans to learn what you’re doing and that the real thing is the gigs?
The live shows are the real deal for show, but the studio albums are also a way of expression. It´s a different medium where you can explore totally different areas of music making, which can be planned and controlled in a different manner. We are always trying our best to give our studio work a live feel, however. Laying down the tracks playing together in a room, not using to many takes for overdubs and take chances while recording.


Your music has a lot of Indian music influences. Do you treat these influences just as a different kind of music or as a road towards spiritualism?
I would say it’s above all else music. On the other hand, all kinds of music can have a broader meaning than any of us can imagine.


Are you happy with the current status of Siena Root or do you think that your music should have received more recognition?
I think Siena Root could definitely appeal to a larger audience than we’ve been able to reach so far.


siena2Do you enjoy the triumphant return of LP format?
Yes! You also find all of our releases in the LP format of course!  Compared to CD, you get better looking cover, better sound, better dynamics, vintage feeling, and if you treat you LP´s right, a longer lasting record. I also know there is a bunch of our listeners who enjoy the small ritual of cleaning your record, putting it on the turntable, sitting down in your listening chair and listening carefully to both sides with a small break in between…


Tell us a band or an artist you would like to open for?
It would of course be an honour to open for Black Sabbath or Deep Purple in the MK II line-up.


What kind of music are you listening right now
Right now I just rest my ears and enjoy the silence, which is rare in these times.


What memories do you have from the 2 shows you gave in Athens in 2010?
Good audience and a nice atmosphere!


How possible is to play soon in Greece? Send a message to your  Greek fans.
We try to be back this year! See you!


A huge “THANK YOU” to KG West and to Siena Root.

Please check www.sienaroot.com


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