HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: April 2012. We talked to Dr Space from Øresund Space Collective. Øresund Space Collective is probably the best European jam/space rock band of our times. Their live shows are a real music experience and their live recordings in the studio also reflect the huge talent of this band. Dr Space, the “pilot” of OSC, spoke to us about their latest studio release, “West, Space & Love”. Read below the very interesting things he told us:


osc3‘West, Space & Love’ was released in 31st March. Was it an easy effort to achieve its sound ?

It was very easy to capture the sound and feel and energy of this release. It was recorded in my home studio and living room and mixed by KG up in Stockholm. It was mastered by my good friend Johan from First band from Outer Space.


Why did it take you so much time to release it?

The material was recorded in Oct 2009 to create a few more tracks from the “Glossolalia” CD we made in collaboration with Dan McGuire for his Facempo label.  We recorded 15 jams over 2 days and even though it was all mixed we only really talked out doing some kind of small release and I came up of the idea of 200 copies and hand painting 100 of them. But it is finished now and I am very happy with the results.


For which of your past studio albums are you most proud of?

That is a good question as each one has been a unique piece of art bringing it from the state of total free form jams in the studio, to finding the best jams to mix, getting them mixed, putting the song order together to create the right flow and experience, creating the artwork and finally releasing the music to the fans. I am very proud of them all but musically my two favorites are “It’s all about Delay” (Sadly out of print now) and “Sleeping with the Sunworm” CD (2011). All the releases are quite different as except for the first 3 releases, the members in the studio have changed a lot from each studio session.


osc1Do you think your studio works are just the medium for the fans to learn what you’re doing and that the real thing is the gigs?

The live experience is something different for sure as you as the musicians are inspired but the people, the surroundings, the lights, etc.. and you can’t hide anything. The studio albums are also totally live in the studio without any overdubs except in a few limited instances but we can mix something lower or remove them and things like this. But the albums are for real listening to create a piece of music where you can leave your current life and drift off into a sonic adventure for an hour or more. It is much more than just a way for the fans to then find us for a live gig, since we only play like 10 times a year.


You have dozens of hours for free download through your website and you ‘re very open to bootlegs. Do you think Grateful Dead even in this subject, were pioneers?

I have a similar attitude as Jerry Garcia had, that once we have created the music, it now belongs to the fans. We have had done our job and tried the best we can to make some new unique, special music, there at that moment in time. Now, it is for the fans to judge whether it is good or not or if it takes them to a higher plane or if it was just crap… Certainly, the people who traveled around and recorded the Dead, started the whole thing of recording and trading recordings so the fans could experience them. All our concerts are available for free at: www.archive.org. Search Oresund space collective in the Live music archive.


How difficult is to work as a band with all those different members from different locations?

Musically, it is not that difficult as all the people who come into the collective are used to playing a lot of improvised and jamming music with their own bands so they have the ears and are good listeners and amazing musicians. The difficult part is that no one feels dedicated to this band, so all the hard work is left up to me and I get virtually no help from anyone when it comes to do everything except play. This I wish I could change but no one in the collective will probably even read this interview as they are all busy with their own bands and lives…  The fact that the members are in Copenhagen, Malmó, Stockholm, has not been a big issue. There are always enough people around to pull together a band or small tour..


osc2Explain to us why ‘Good Planets Are Hard To Find’?

The Swedish friend who created the painting that we used for the cover, that is what I thought of when I saw this lady staring up at the stars. It is also a bit of a statement that we should take more care of this planet as it is the only one anywhere in the universe that we know of at this time where we humans can live and we are destroying this one. Sadly, humans are terrible animal species and don’t care enough about each other and the world we live in, so sadly, I do not have a very cheerful outlook for the future. The planet will survive but the human race will eventually extinguish most of the resources of the world and life will change dramatically for the future generations with more wars, fighting for food, more death, starvation, mass extinctions, etc.. The best years are over but we must still create art!


Are you happy with the triumphant return of LP format?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have collected LPs for many years and always hoped that we would release some vinyl records and now it is happening. If you have a good stereo, you cannot compare the depth of sound on a good vinyl record to any other format. I have played the CD and the vinyl version for several people that were skeptics and they all were surprised and agreed the vinyl record sounded better than the CD! Ha…


What memories do you have from your appearance at Roadburn Festival in 2010? Will we be forgiven for not being there?

I have been going to Roadburn every year since 2005 and getting to play there was a great experience and I have a video of the entire show shot from the balcony as well! We were really flying as well. The room was packed, the people gave us a lot of energy and it was Mogen’s (ed: synths, Hammond)  birthday as well! Lucky for us we played well and were able to release a double vinyl gatefold from the concert. So cool. I hope we get to do it again one day!


osc4Tell us some artists/bands would you like to open their shows ?

I think opening for a band like Widespread Panic in the USA would open a lot of US fans eyes to what we are doing in this band. We would fit in well with the US Jam band scene. In Europe, playing with a band like Eloy, Grobschnitt, some of these old Kraut rock bands that still play would be a blast.


How possible is to play soon in Greece? Send a message to your Greek fans.

We had a potential invite for Jan 2012 but nothing ever happened so there is some interest but it is quite expensive for us to come from Denmark. It is a long way. I know at my friends in Siena Root, Baby Woodrose, have all had great gigs in Greece so we would love to come one day and play. Thanks to all the fans in Greece.. Sound Effects Records in Athens is one place you can buy our music in Greece. Peace..


A huge “THANK YOU” to Dr Space for his answers and to Nick from Progsphere for his help.

Please check www.oresundspacecollective.com


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