Interview: Mike Vennart (Oceansize)


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mike3HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: January 2011. Hit Channel had the great honour to talk with Mike Vennart, the mastermind of Oceansize,one of the very few top bands of our days. Their last album “Self Perserved While The Bodies Float” is absolutely amazing! Read below the interesting things he told us.


Are you satisfied with the feedback you have already received for ‘Self Perserved..’ album from fans and press?

Pretty much. The press was far more generous than in previous years. Some even bestowed the holy accolade of ‘album of the year’ on it. Our fans were, as ever, divided, on whether it was our best record or our worst. Which is really cool, i think. It shows that some people expect change, when some don’t like it.

Was it an easy process to recording it after the masterpiece ‘Frames’. Did you try something different at studio this time?

It was very different. ‘Frames’ was born entirely of jams and improvisations. Some of that went on on this record, but only in a solo capacity. ‘Part Cardiac’ and ‘Ransoms’ were made from linear recordings of me jamming with myself. Much of record was written by individual members alone. It was a new and rewarding process. The jamming thing was great fun, but often yealds the same results.


mike2How was working with Chris Sheldon again at mix?Do you think you share a common vision about music?

It was easy, as it always is. I’m not sure if Chris even listens to music anymore!

Have you ever thought to do a full analogue album with Liam Watson in Toe Tag Studios? There is a big demand for analogue recording during the last years and I think they sound better.

No. Too expensive and too time consuming.

Have you ever got dissapointed in your career by the fact that many un-original bands (as Muse and Coldplay for example) sell millions and you are a kind of underground band?


What music do you hear this period?

I can’t really remember what i was listening to. It was probably lots of Pavement, Melvins, The Walkmen, Swervedriver…

mike1How much curious you’re to hear the new Radiohead album? I wonder how much further they ‘ll push the frontiers..

Yes i’m very curious as i absolutely adore Radiohead.



With who artist you’d like to work with and hasn’t happened yet? Maybe with Scott Walker? (It would be great!)

Scott Walker would be interesting. Tim Smith (ed.: The Cardiacs leader) would be ideal, but he’s very ill so it’s not likely to happen anytime soon. How about Simon Neil (ed: Biffy Clyro frontman, Mike’s friend too)? That would be within the realms of plausibility at least.

Have you ever been in Greece? Send a message to the Greek fans who are expecting to see you live..

I’ve only been to Rhodes on holiday. It was lovely. As for waiting to see us play there, i wouldn’t hold your breath.


Special thanks  to Mike Vennart!A dream just came true!Hope to play in Greece soon.



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