HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: November 2011. We talked with Magnus Pelander from the great band Witchcraft. Magnus during the last decade made three fantastic albums with Witchcraft, which are pioneers of the late ‘60s/ early 70s sound revival and he was member of  Swedish super-cult heroes, Norrsken. Magnus has also released a solo EP containing great acoustic folk music. Read below the very interested things Magnus told us:


Are you satisfied from the feedback you got from fans and press for you solo EP?

Yes, it has been great and I have been doing some great live shows and I will tour more once the album is out.


Your solo EP was musically closer to Roy Harper and to Bert Jansch that to Pentagram. How spontaneous was the music direction for that release or you decided it after long thinking?

I don’t think very much when I write music. It is just a communication with emotions.


Are you doing any recordings this period as a solo artist or with Witchcraft?

Witchcraft will hit the studio next year to record their fourth album. It is going to be VERY heavy this time.


magnus1Which is the current line-up of Witchcraft?

I never kiss and tell these days. All I know is that Tom Pretty is going to rock your ass.


Do you feel at any point disappointed or angry when you observe newer bands using the concept and the 60s and 70s  influences you used in Witchcraft but NOT with soul and deeply as you, just for the hype and to attract ‘tourists’ if you understand what I mean? (Personally,I get mad!)

I really don´t care. I try to do what is best for me and my musical life.


Do you feel that analog sound is warmer and more human that the digital one (as Roy Harper told me) or ‘too much money consuming and too much time wasting’ (as Oceansize leader,Mike Vennart told me)?

It really depends on what instrument and gear and style you want to convey. Both digital and analog is definitely useful.


Do you think as recording companies are collapsing, bands should focus more doing gigs?

Yes, that seems to be the only way if you want to make a living as a musician.


magnus2Is there any possibility to see a Norrsken reunion some day? How do you feel about the success of Graveyard (mainly) and Dead Man?

I don´t know about Norrsken. Maybe, maybe not. I think both bands are great and it´s good to see some old friends out on the road.


What kind of music do you listen to this period?

Just before I started with this interview I was listening to Florence And The Machine. I am also looking forward a lot to One Day As A Lion’ s full-length album.


How long we will have to have until a Greek date by you or by Witchcraft? Send a message to Greek fans.

I cannot personally wait to come to Greece and play again. Last time was wonderful. Sometime next year for sure. Can’t wait man.


A huge “THANK YOU” to Magnus Pelander.

Check http://www.witchcrafthome.com and buy his EP here http://www.svartrecords.com/shoppe/releases/73-magnus-pelander-mcd.html

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