Interview:Lisa Cuthbert (solo,Ion)


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HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: December 2010. We talked with Lisa Cuthbert, the Irish singer with the great voice, who has her first album out “Obstacles” through Mick Moss’ (Antimatter) label Music In Stone. Below,read the important things she told us.


How do you feel now that your debut album ‘Obstacles’ was released? What feedback did you receive from listeners and press for this album?
Hi! I feel great having finished the album, as now I can focus on playing live concerts. The feedback has been excellent so far, much better than I expected!  It was hard to predict how people would react to ‘Obstacles’, because it is hard to categorise: it’s not quite pop music, but it’s not exactly hard rock or folk music either, it’s really lost somewhere in between! The best reviews I’ve got so far , have been from metal magazines and websites, strangely! -Maybe because of the cover of Anathema’s ‘Fragile Dreams’….


Mick Moss was enthusiastic when he told me about your release. How helpful was working with a friend?

Mick has been absolutely amazing to work with. He gave me lots of great advice, before, during and after the recording process. He   decided to release ‘Obstacles’ on his record label (Music In Stone), so he took care of all the boring stuff, as well as playing bass for the entire album and singing on a couple of tracks too. I was really lucky to have his talent and expertise on my first release. -maybe if he reads this, he might consider releasing my second album :P


Your performance in Ion’s ‘Imacculada’ is spectacular! How you got into contact with Duncan Patterson? It was an easy process the recordings of ‘Immaculada’?

Thank you! I really enjoyed working on ‘Immaculada’ -I still listen to it, and I’m not tired of it yet :)
I wouldn’t say that the recording process was easy musically, but I loved the freedom Duncan gave me to work with his music, there was a lot of improvisation involved -especially on ‘Temptation’ where I had to sing in an eastern style. That style of singing is something I’d always wanted to do, so it really opened new doors for me.


lisa1Which are your music influences? I guess you’re a huge Nick Drake fan, right?

No, not really!


How much solo touring you have already done and you want to do for ‘Obstacles’ album?

I played a couple of concerts in France and Ireland, and also the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig, which was amazing. Before the release of the album I toured Europe with Antimatter and Duncan Patterson, and supported Danny Cavanagh (Anathema), Vic Anselmo and Anneke Van Giersbergen (ex The Gathering, Agua de Annique). Unfortunately I haven’t been touring as much as I’d like to since the release of the album, for personal reasons, but I have a few nice plans for 2011 :)


With who artist you’d like to work with? Maybe with Peter Gabriel?

I’d love to work with Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance)


What fact about you (musical or not) would surprise fans?

I have a phobia of slugs!  those guys that look like snails without the little shells, maybe you don’t have them in Greece?!


What music do you hear this period? Do you think Radiohead is the best band of our days? (as many we believe)

I think Radiohead are great, maybe not the best band of our days though, that’s a difficult one!  There are so many bands and artists I love for different reasons. I think Pain of Salvation are excellent and really original. Ulver are fantastic too, and the best act I saw live in 2010 was definitely Imogen Heap.


You love reading books.Which was the last great book you read and which was its subject? Have you read J.D Salinger’s ‘The Catcher In The Rye’? (My favourite by far)

A classic! Lately I’ve been reading a lot about shamanism. It was a subject I got interested in a few years ago.


Have you ever been in Greece?Send a mesage to your Greek listeners

I’ve never been to Greece, but that will change hopefully in 2011. I didn’t know I had listeners in Greece, but here’s a big hello to anyone who listens to my music in Greece  I think I need to visit there after the cold weather here in Ireland…


Special thanks to Lisa Cuthbert.


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