Legendary guitarist Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush) releases the official trailer for his ‘Live at the Agora Theatre’ DVD


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Frank Marino, legendary guitarist and founding member of Mahogany Rush just released the official trailer for his long-awaited “Live at the Agora Theatre”  DVD.  The top quality box-set contains 1 Blu-Ray Disk, 3 DVD’s and a 180-page book.

Frank spoke again to Hit Channel in September 2019 about his new release: “I’m very-very happy with it. Yeah, the response has been really good. I’ve got a lot of emails and people are calling me and stuff… I can’t be happier. It’s really-really good’ […].

His hardcore fans know the fact that he spent many years working on this project. Frank told us: “I think it really turned out good. Not just because it’s mine, I think it really does sound quite good, really realistic, really natural, sounding very-very good. A lot of people have remarked already that the sound of this particular DVD is better than any other sound I ‘ve ever had and some people say it’s better than any DVD they ‘ve ever heard, so yeah, it turned out really good”. Read the full interview here.

Watch the amazing official trailer for “Live at the Agora Theatre” DVD:

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