«Last Goodbye» είναι το νέο τραγούδι της Miley Cyrus, το οποίο πρόσφατα έκανε την εμφάνισή του on-line.

Η pop μπαλάντα θυμίζει λίγο το “Wrecking Ball” και δεν είναι ακριβός νέο. Το τραγούδι είχε ακουστεί σαν snippet πριν τη κυκλοφορία του “Bangerz”, αλλά δεν μπήκε τελικά στο άλμπουμ της Miley Cyrus και η απουσία του απογοήτευσε αρκετούς fans.

To τραγούδι είναι αφιερωμένο στο σκυλάκι της που το έχασε πρόσφατα, αν και πολλοί πίστευαν ότι ήταν αφιερωμένος στον πρώην της.

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Miley Cyrus - Last Goodbye | Lyrics / Στίχοι

Mmmm Yeah

(Verse 1)
We never said that we would be perfect
We only said that we’d try
And when you said that we were forever
I guess its just another lie
Let me slip right through your fingers,
I hope you know its real this time
Yeah, you know that i said i’d never come home for a last goodbye

I don’t wanna let you go if you still love me
‘Cause I don’t wanna see you cry (Yeah)
But it feels like you and I are dying
And there’s no one that can save our lives (Yeah)
And I know you’re sick and tired of fighting
Sick and tired of being sick and tired (Yeah)
But I know that you’re gonna want me
To come home for a last goodbye

(Verse 2)
Layin in the dark with you against me
I can’t even open my eyes
Cuz the pain has outweighed the pleasure
Don’t think I can take another night
How has my best friend become such a stranger
It seemed like everything was fine
We’ve already been through this twice
And I’m never coming home for a last goodbye


Oooooohh Yeahh (2x)


You let me down, I gave you up
I took you back, I guess I can’t blame ya
For this when I told myself
I’ll never say that last goodbye
I’ll never say
That last goodbye

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