HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: September 2011. We talked with a great drummer:Kofi Baker.He’s known not only for his legendary father, Ginger Baker (Cream, Blind Faith, BBM, Hawkwind) but for his talent too. He has toured with Jack Bruce and Eric Sardinas. He’s also very active playing with Kofi Baker’s Tribute to Cream.Read below the interesting things he told us:


You ‘ll do some shows with Pressed Rat and Warthog in late September.Which are your expectations for these shows?

Pressed Rat and Warthog and Kofi Baker’s Tribute to Cream is the same band , it was just the name of one of my dad’s songs so I liked it , and yes we will be playing 2 shows the end of this month , should be fun shows because they are great clubs .


Will you record anything with Pressed Rat and Warthog in near future?

Yes I will be recording a Cd very soon , all ready have a Dvd done .


How difficult is playing your father’s parts in Kofi Baker’s  Tribute to Cream? Which song is drummer’s nightmare? Maybe ‘Toad’?

My dad’s drum parts are very easy for me as he was my teacher from age 3 .


kofi1What is so special with Cream’s music that have last so many years? Do you think that they created the whole ‘heavy’ scene?

Cream’s music is timeless,and was played with a lot of room for improvisation .


Do you have happy memories from your collaboration with Jack Bruce? How you got into his band? You father famously don’t have good relations with him…

I  know Jack’s son so I ended up playing with Jack .


Which are the other projects you’re currently involved in? Are you doing any recordings at the moment?

I have my own studio and can record drum tracks on to song that people email me , so I am all ways recording stuff.


Do you enjoy giving drum lessons? Many teachers say that they learn from their students.. Does this happen to you too?

You learn how to look at things from so many different ways when you teach .


Is there anyone you’d like to work work with? Maybe with Joe Bonamassa?

Yes, Joe Bonamassa would be fun to play with.


Do you have fun playing with Eric Sardinas? How scarry in being onstage with a so good musician like Eric?

Playing with Eric was fun not scary. I am bigger than he is.


Who are your influences as a drummer except your father ofcourse?

Bozzio, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tony  Willams , a lot I could go on and on.

What kind of music do you hear this period?Have you ever been in Greece?Send a message to Greek listeners.

I like all well played good music and when I get to Greece I will play some and have a blast .


A big “THANK YOU” to Kofi Baker.

Check http://www.kofibaker.com



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