HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: March 2012. We talked to Toby Strandvik , the drummer of the amazing Swedish band, Kamchatka. Kamchatka recently released their 4th album “Bury Your Roots”, which is probably their best work so far. They are also a great live band and they have done numerous shows supporting Clutch! Per Wiberg (ex-Opeth, Spiritual Beggars keyboardist and artwork designer) is a close friend and collaborator of the band too. Read below the very interesting things Toby told us:


Are you satisfied with the feedback you have already received from fans and press for ‘Bury Your Roots’ album?

Yes! It´s been quite good response from fans and press and it seems like people is starting to take more and more notice of Kamchatka.


Was it an easy effort to achieve the sound of ‘Bury Your Roots’ album?

It was not very hard to record the album, but it took some time to mix it. We did it all by ourselves and it´s easy to become too familiar with the sound. We mixed some songs and wasn´t satisfied so we started all over again and we´re happy with the sound of the album.


Will you play more Festivals this summer?

Yes, there are a lot of festivals and other shows this summer. We´ll do some touring too.


kamchatka2Do you think your studio works is just the medium for the fans to learn what you’re doing and that the real thing are the gigs?
That is pretty much how we feel it. We think that when you see a show live, that´s when the magic happens!


How hard did you try to have Per Wiberg playing in ‘Before Things Get Rough’  and doing the artwork of ‘Bury Your Roots’ ?

Not that very hard. He´s a friend of the band and played on three or four songs on “Vol 3”. He´s also guilty for the cover art of all our albums.


I think Allman Brothers Band’s  live album ‘At Fillmore East’ is a major influence to your sound (in “Volume 3” they covered “Whipping Post”). Am I right?

To be honest I haven´t heard it! But Juneor  (ed:Thomas “Juneor” Andersson, guitar/vocals) is a big fan of Allman Brothers, so somewhere it might have rubbed of.


kamchatka3How was growing up and playing rock music in Varberg? Is there any active rock/metal scene in Varberg?

It was quite ok but nothing special. There were some places to play but they don´t exist anymore. It’ s too bad because there has to be someplace where the kids can get gigs early on to feel the magic of being on stage.


Are you happy with the triumphant return of LP format?

Yes! Not that we´re vinyl-maniacs but it´s nice to be able to buy vinyl again. It reminds you of your first record you bought.


Do you feel lucky that you have done so many gigs with Clutch or you see it as a reward for your skills ?

We love playing with Clutch and we´ve become friends. They are the nicest people you can think of. But we also have to get Kamchatka working by itself, so that’ s what we always aim for. But we can´t deny the crowds they´ve helped us reach out to.


What kind of music are you listening to right now?
E.S.T (Esbjorn Svensson Trio) an absolutly fantastic jazz trio from Sweden and Joni Mitchell. That’s music at its finest!

Have you ever got an offer to play in Greece? Send a message to your Greek fans.

I think there was some talking about going to Greece some years ago but it never happened. It would be really nice to come and do some shows there. So everyone that see this, help us make it happen!


A huge “THANK YOU” to Toby.

Please check www.kamchatka.se and http://www.facebook.com/pages/kamchatka/20669568632


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