HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: October 2011. We had the great luck to talk with a great musician: Joe Lally. Joe is best known as Fugazi’s bassist and from his collaboration in the excellent Ataxia project with John Frusciante (ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist) and Josh Klinghoffer (the guy who replaced Frusciante in RHCP). His last solo album is “Why Should I Get Used to It?”. What Joe’s music means to me, you can find it in the 8th question. He currently lives in Rome and he’s going to start a lengthy tour in a few days. He’ll play for the first time in Greece on Saturday 11th February 2012 @ Six D.O.G.S in Athens and on Sunday 12th February in Agrinion @ En Plo.  Read below the very interesting things he told us:


Are you satisfied from the feedback you’ve already got from fans and press for ‘Why Should I Get Used to It’?

Well there’s never really an end to a record. The music keeps floating around and people look back at it and sometimes it looks different, but I was pretty satisfied with the way it turned out. There’s always something you hope to do better the next time. Audiences have enjoyed the music in Italy, Japan and Brazil where we just toured.

I saw your US tour schedule and there is no day-off for 2 weeks!!What expectations do you have for these concerts?

Share the music in the space with the people. Maybe we come together for different reasons. I know why I’m there. Music allows us to be something meditate on our ability to be more than whatever we think we’ve been labeled as.

joe1You recorded ‘Why Should I Get Used to It’ in Rome. Was it a big difference for you as the two previous albums had been recorded in Washington,DC with Ian and Guy (in ‘Nothing is Underrated’)?Were there the proper recording facilities in Italy?

Yes, a big difference to run the show myself. A good experience and I chose the right engineer, Mattia Candeloro here in Rome. He has a small digital studio that was sufficient, Mhouse. I learned a lot about how to get what I want from recording and mixing.

How hard did you have to search to find Elisa and Emanuale? Did they know who you are?

I met Elisa in Catania, Sicily while playing with friends of hers down there. She had played drums mostly , but I saw her playing guitar at home and asked her to play with me. She’s a natural improviser. Emanuele was suggested by Massimo Pupillo of Zu. He lives in my neighborhood and he’s a great drummer, but busy with other bands. We were lucky to find Fabio after the record was made. I met him in 1995 when Fugazi played with Assaulti Frontali on an Italian tour. They no longer had a live band and were all MC-ing with a DJ. He was looking to play drums again.


Is there any active underground scene in Italy? How difficult is to find venue/bands to play in/with?

I am known for being in Fugazi so I don’t count really. I can’t say what’s going on here too much musically because I don’t get out at night and all the shows are late in Rome. My daughter is 10 and I wake up early. It’s a different phase in life.

What do you remember the most from Ataxia sessions? Have you ever thought to re-enter the studio with those guys?

It was just a project that was recorded and those guys are quite famous so everyone knows about it. It took place very quickly, maybe 12 days to write, record and play 2 shows in LA at the Knitting Factory. It was so easy to play with them,it was quite a pleasure really. I’m not sure how we would end up  in the same place again. I was living in LA at the time.

joe2Who are your major influences as a bassist? (I really don’t know. Geezer Butler  from Black Sabbath maybe?)

Geezer Butler is awesome, but I never really studied him. Billy Cox, Larry Graham. I see guitarists as more of an influence. Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Scott(Wino) Weinrich has made quite a mark on my playing.
How do you feel when fans say that ‘the basslines of ‘Target’ made me a man’? (I’m among them).

That’s very nice, thank you.

What was the last great album you listened to?

Big Star – ‘Radio City’.

Do you miss the atmoshpere of Fugazi shows and the other Fugazi members?

Yes I do. I’m not sure what I can add to that. Some people can’t be replaced and you don’t try to. The shows went along with the band and I’ve accepted that reality so it doesn’t interfere with what I do now.


Have you ever been in Greece? Send a message to Greek fans.

This will be my first time. Fugazi never played there. On behalf of Elisa, Fabio and I, we look forward to seeing the people and the country! When I go to the US I’m picking up a book I ordered by Elisavet Moutzan-Martinengou called My Story. It was written in 1800. Are you familiar with it? Aside from Homer and Herodotus she’ll be the most modern Greek writer I’ve read.


A huge “Thank You” to Joe Lally.

Check  www.joelally.com



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