jimmy3HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: October 2011.Hit Channel had the luck to talk with a great drummer,Jimmy Copley.Jimmy is currently a member of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band,The Bad Apples and The Straits.He has played with great musicians like Jeff Beck,Paul Rodgers (“Now”,’Electric’ and “Live: The Loreley Tapes” albums ),Tony Iommi  (1996 The DEP Sessions),Char,Magnum,Tears For Fears and many others.Read below the interesting things he told us:


Which are the current music projects you’re involved in?Are you doing
any recordings this period?

Yeah, at the moment I’m involved with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band which features Mick Rogers on guitar and Robert Hart,  vocals, both of whom are in my band The Bad Apples.  The Bad Apples have been recording at Riverside Studio in Bath.  This band also features the great Ian Jennings on bass and former Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody. I am also currently working with The Straits which features Alan Clark, Chris White and Phil Palmer, all former Dire Straits members.  I’m sitting in for Steve Ferrone on five or six shows in the UK starting in October.


Are you satisfied from the feedback you got so far from fans and press for your ‘Slap My Hand’ album?

Yes, very satisfied.  I had great success in Japan with it and “Everyday I Have The Blues”  was voted number five in the top ten of Jeff Beck’s guest appearances.

Was it difficult to persuade all your great friends (Jeff Beck, Neil Murray, Bernie Marsden, Pino Palladino etc) to participate in ‘Slap My Hand’ album?

No, not at all, in fact Jeff volunteered and everyone else came down without hesitation.

Did you expected Eric Clapton to join you onstage with Bad Apples in Cranleigh?
Yes we knew Eric was coming however we had no soundcheck with him,  he called the songs and we played them without knowing what they were. It was a fantastic experience.

jimmy1How surreal was speaking with one of your heroes Billy Cobham at 3 a.m after his show at Ronnie Scott’s?

It was a fantastic experience! He was very gracious and gave me a signed album which my girlfriend Caroline arranged as a surprise for

Was it a challenge for you to re-record Dave Holland’s parts for Iommi/Hughes ‘The 1996 DEP Sessions’ ?
Yes it was a huge challenge as it’s very hard to play over another drummer’s time. However there are some tracks that I’m very proud of and it was great to work with Tony & Glenn.

Do you have happy memories from the period you played with Paul Rodgers?Was Paul as easy-going person to work with? 

I have very happy memories of working with one of the greatest rock singers ever.  Paul taught me a lot about music, I can’t remember him ever having a bad night and we played over a hundred shows.  He was in the main easy going however he knew what he wanted from the band.

Did you feel like ‘fish out of water’ when you had so great success in Japan with Char (Japanese guitar hero)?

At times it was difficult but I got very close to Char and his family  and friends and was treated very well and it felt like home.  I love
working in Japan.


Is there anyone musician you’d like to play with and hasn’t happened yet?

I would love to play with Booker T.

Have you ever been in Greece? Send a message to Greek fans.

Yes I have worked with Stefanos Korkolis in Athens and also Graham Parker and always had a great time.  I would love to come to play with The Bad Apples in Greece!


A big “THANK YOU” to Jimmy Copley.

Check http://www.jimmycopley.com



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