HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: September 2011. We had the luck to talk with a great guitarist, Jay Stapley. He is known as a member in Roger Waters’ “Bleeding Heart Band” and played in Roger’s “When The Wind Blows” and “Radio KAOS” albums for which he toured too.He has also played with the Scott Walker (“Climate of Hunter”), Mike Oldfield and Suede. His last solo album is “Edge of the World”. Read below the very interesting things he told us:


Are you satisfied from the final result of your latest album ‘Edge of the World’ and the feeback you got for that from fans and press?

Yes, I’m as satisfied as any artist ever is with their own recordings: I think it gives a good representation of my playing and writing. The press gave me some good reviews too, see here reverbnation.com/jaystapley


You’ll give some shows during the upcoming weeks.Which are your expectations for these shows?

I expect to have fun playing and gain new listeners.


Are you doing any recordings this period?Which are the other projects you’re involved in?

I’m doing many recordings: I started a label ( http://www.dammitmusic.com ) and am doing an EP for a new artist, Alex Tower. I’m also starting a new record of my own.


jay2How you got the offer to play with Roger Waters? Do you like today ‘When the Wind Blows’ soundtrack?

The offer to play with Roger waters came through David Dundas, who I used to do guitar sessions for. I like the “When the wind Blows” soundtrack a lot.


Were you surprised by ‘Radio KAOS’ sound? It was quite ‘techno’ for the average Pink Floyd fan.

No, I wasn’t surprised by it because Roger had been talking about doing something in that style for a while before it was recorded.


You toured with Roger Waters too. How was he as a collaborator and as a person?

I had a wonderful time playing with Roger.


You played with Mike Oldfield. Do you think he is a visionary artist? What do you remember the most from that period?

I remember mostly playing in bullrings in Spain, which was horrible: that “sport” should be banned forever.

jay3Were you familiar with Suede’s music before playing with them?

Yes, I knew their records.


You also recorded with the one of my heroes, Scott Walker. Did you enjoy these sessions? Was he an easy-going person? He has a reputation as a reclusive and odd person..

Recording with Scott was wonderful: so inventive and unusual. He was quite shy but knew what he wanted to achieve.


With who director you’d like to work for a soundtrack? Maybe with Ken Loach? That would be fantastic!

Ken Loach would be fun, yes.


Do you think rock’n’roll is dead an everything is now about contracts,managers and percentages? So,Jim Morrison was right again?

No, Rock’n’Roll is not dead. It has changed enormously, but it has always been about contracts, managers, etc. For a while it was good marketing to pretend that it wasn’t about money, but at least now everyone is honest about it!

I think pop music is in a period of transition: the vast fortunes that were made out of recorded music have disappeared, but it is possible to make a living as a musician: indeed, I do exactly that.


Have you ever been in Greece? Send a message to Greek fans.

I have played in Greece with Athena Andreadis and I loved it! Please invite me to play in Greece soon.


A big “THANK YOU” to Mr Jay Stapley.

Check http://www.reverbnation.com/jaystapley




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