Kiara Nelson

Hey Kiara! How are you? The first question unfortunately will be about the Covid 19… How do you see the situation in Europe and all around the world? The things are pretty serious…

I’m pretty good considering everything that’s going on thank you! Yes, things are very serious and i’m praying for the world and really feel for the people struggling at this time. I just hope everyone respects others enough to stay home so we can all be safe and get back to normal as soon as possible. I do love how the world seems to be coming together and helping each other. I hope this teaches people valuable lessons in life and not to take anything for granted. We’ll get through this together!

What to do you afraid the most about it?

I obviously fear losing a loved one like everyone probably does. I also fear how much more aggressive it still might get, and how things might get even worse before they get better.

Are things in life that you afraid too? 

Yes for sure, one of my biggest fear is losing a loved one. & I also used to be really afraid of flying but i’m starting to get over it.

So. Lets take the conversation in another level and talk about you. I want to know more… Where are you from? How was your childhood? Where did you grow up?

I’m from Finland and I grew up here with my mom. I’m also half american and was actually born in Jacksonville, Florida but never lived in the U.S. My childhood was fun. I grew up with my mom, grandma and all my aunties. We are a very loving family and easy going. I’ve been told I always used to laugh and make other people laugh, and that I used to sing 24/7 which isn’t that different to what I do now haha.

Tell me now how music came into your life!

My great grandmother used to sing Opera so she is the first one to introduce me to singing. We used to sing when I was just a few years old to all the birds at our summer place. Few years later when I was 5, I got a karaoke machine and discovered Britney Spears. I immediately knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Was your dream to become a singer? Or do you have studies in something else too?

My dream has always been to become a singer, i’ve never even thought about anything else and have never studied for anything else. If I had to study somewhere I’d probably choose theatre school.

You are only 22 and you make a hell of a success around Europe and not only… Can you handle this? Because is a tricky thing!

As it’s always been my dream I feel prepared. I want to make people happy with my music and to bring that togetherness feeling to others so i’m just very happy if people like it.  So far I don’t have negative to say but I know there’s a lot more to it when you actually start establishing yourself in the world.

“after hours”. The first “coming out” single of yours in the music industry If Im not mistaken! Tell me more about this collaboration and the track!

After Hours is my first feature song, it’s with M-22 who are also my producers/songwriters. This song means so much to me. It just felt really right ever since the day we wrote the song. I only have good memories from it… writing the song to releasing it, to then performing it infront of 40 thousand people. Crazy memories. The song is about not wanting the night to end so basically taking it after hours with that special person that you can’t stop thinking about.

And now you have a hit single “Adore you”… tell me more details about it too! Here in Greece is out from Panik Records! 

Adore You is a special one, my debut single! It’s about being brave enough to tell someone how you feel even if you’ve been hurt in the past. So just going for it because it’s the best feeling when you finally feel confident enough to tell someone you love them. I hope it brings people a confidence boost and happiness boost and makes people want to dance. I hope to do that with all of my songs, make people move!

Big success. Do you afraid all this?

I don’t fear it no. I feel like everyone who’s always been dreaming about careers like these feel prepared but once the success actually hits them it feels like it happened overnight. However, I feel ready for people to know my music and know me!

We have only a little piece in our ears from all these that you can do… This is the music path that you want to concentrate on ? This kind of sound ? pop/mainstream?

Adore You is just the first piece of many. This is one sound of mine for sure, straight pop. However, we do have a lot of different stuff coming your way too! Urban Pop is what i’d use to describe my music.

Now… have you ever been in Greece? What do you know about our country?

I’ve never been to Greece and I was actually planning on coming there in April with my family… i’m so sad that won’t happen but hopefully soon!! I’ve always wanted to go. I’ve only heard good things about Greece, like how beautiful it is and how the water and beaches are unreal. There’s a lot of activities to do there too from what i’ve heard. I’ve always wanted to go to Santorini, a dream of mine is to get married there :)

And of course I want to know more about Finland! Tell me some good things about your country that we need to know and one or two you don’t like!

Finland is great, I really love living here. Our well fare society is great. Education is on a really high level and the country in general is very beautiful. Finland is one of the safest places to live. We also have the sauna and I love using it as often as possible! I’d say the negatives is during winter time, a lot of people go into depression because the sun is never out.

Lets talk again more about Kiara! What do you like to do in your free time? hobbies?

On my free time I love to dance! I’ve recently discovered all of these TikTok dances and i’ve been spending a lot of time learning them, it’s so fun. I also love to just chill with friends and family, watch movies and eat snacks.

From your career until now whats your biggest achievement ?

It’s hard to chose only one.. I’d say my top 3 biggest achievements is performing on the Justin Bieber Purpose tour in Helsinki & performing at Mambo cafe in Ibiza with M-22.  One crazy moment is also After Hours being played on BBC RADIO 1 all summer long!

Name 5 of your most favorite songs this period! And 5 names of singers that you love!

5 songs that i’m currently loving would have to be… Cool by Dua Lipa, Don’t Rush by Young T, Open Arms by Prettymuch, Who by Lauv, Believe it by Party Next Door & Rihanna. My 5 favorite artists would have to be… Ariana Grande, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Camila Cabello and Lewis Capaldi has become a favorite of mine too!

If you can tell me a lyric of a favorite song Which one will be? That describes your feelings at the moment!

My feel-good song has always been “ Ain’t No Mountain High Enough “ and my favorite lyric from that song at the moment is “ if you need me call me, no matter where you are, no matter how far “ I feel that this lyric really fits to the world right now. Times like these we have to reach out to the people we love.

How do you see yourself in a decade from now? What do you want to accomplice?

Wow, hard question. In a decade… Firstly, I hope to be happy. I hope to have kids by then and love life! I hope to have sold out an arena tour, have a billboard number 1, helped people with my music, be a part of organisations that speak to me, and still be making music that I love so very much.

And of course I want a wish from you for all the greek fans that will read our interview!

I wish everyone happiness and hope everyone stays safe. I hope everyone always goes after for what they want and never give up and never stop believing in yourself! Wishing everyone lots of love.

Tell me your future steps that you know so far!

Future steps right now is to keep releasing music, something coming your way very soon so stay tuned…Thank you for this lovely interview!

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