Interview: INNA


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The famous Romanian singer gave an exclusive interview to Hit Channel, talking about everything her biggest fans would want to know, and more! Starting from the beginning of her career, she told us how important it is to work with the Play & Win duo (the producers that accompany her in each success), the love she gets from the fans, but also her future plans. The impressive INNA revealed that she is already recording her new album and preparing even greater plans!

We have to thank INNA for the time she spent for this interview, as this has been a very busy and difficult season for her, full of travelling and giving concerts around the world. Read what she told us:


We find you on a tour.In which country are you now?
I have just finished my tours in Mexico and US and right now I’m back in Europe for other shows and for studio sessions to finish my third album. It’s a bit exhausting, but I’m really happy to work on new songs and to bring a lot of energy and joy for my club rockers :)

Mexico is one of the countries where you are adored. How was this “love” created?
I can’t have a proper explanation for this, but it’s amazing, so great, I really love “mis Mexicanitos”. They are very warm and they know how to show their appreciation, support, love. In order to show them my love, I wrote “Caliente” with Play&Win, a song which is dedicated to Mexico.

Is this a reason that many of your songs have elements of Spanish language?
Yes, this is a reason but also because I am also latin, I feel good singing in Spanish and I think it suits me well.

Since you are travelling a lot, can you adjust easily on the changes?
I have to adjust to the changes, but it’s not always easy. But this is part of my job, I have to fight lack of hours slept, to look nice, to bring energy on stage, to have fun with my fans and also to be prepared to sing and records new songs.


How easy or difficult is it during your hard schedule to keep your body and your voice fit?
It’s quite difficult sometimes, because I have problems with my throat while rehearsing or because of cold water or air conditioner. That’s why I do everything I can to protect myself. I try to keep fit by eating healthy, avoiding junk food, juices, sweets. I dance a lot, I swim, I ride my bike.

A few weeks ago we watched your new video clip for “INNdia”. How did the shooting go?
It was really nice shooting the video for “INNdiA”. We had two days of shooting, nice outfits, beautiful girls, sexy moves. I liked shooting this video, also because it was quite challenging, it was different from what I did before.

Your cooperation with Play&Win is continued. How important is it for you your acquaintance with them? You have been together since your first steps of your career.
Play & Win have been very important for my career, they are the ones who had confidence in my talent, in my voice and wrote for me songs that were popular all over the world. And everything started with “Hot”. And they continued with “Love”, “Deja Vu”, “Amazing”, “Sun is Up”, “Crazy Sexy Wild”, “INNdiA” and many more.

Setting off from Romania, now the name INNA is heard throughout the world. What does this mean for a young artist like you?
It’s something I didn’t have the courage to think of, I have only dreamt of it and wished this would happen. It’s huge, I am really grateful for all the people who stood by me: my producers Play&Win, my team, my label record from Romania, all the labels worldwide that supported me, mass-media and of course, my fans, my club rockers. I like to say that this is a road that has just started for me.

Of course Greece is among the worldwide hits! Romanian music is heard more and more in our country. Which do you think is the secret of your success?
My music makes you smile, think positive, feel love, energy, it’s great for parties to sing and dance. I think there is no secret, it’s just music.

Do you believe that the success of artists from and to the Balkans is due to the similarities in the way we think and our thoughts as peoples?
Yes, this might be a reason and also because we feel music almost the same way. But I like to think that music is universal, connects people and make them speak the same language and feel its power and feeling.

Do you prepare anything new this period?
Yes, lots of things: new songs for my upcoming album -the third one in my career up to now, new videos, new choreographies, work on my new show.

When was the last time you visited Greece?
I don’t remember exactly, but I think it’s been more than a year since I last visited Greece.

A wish for your fans and our readers!
Hope to see you soon at my concerts, to talk to you on Facebook and on Twitter. Don’t stop the party, don’t let the music die and keep on being a club rocker! I love you so much!


Many thanks! You cand find Inna’s official video clips here.

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