German Originators of European Power Metal are back with the new 14th studio album,called “Straight Out Of Hell”. We had the joy to speak about it with guitarist Sascha Gerstner.Enjoy.Pumpkin fly free!


What’s the feedback you received for 7 sinners? Was it commercially successful?

I ‘m not used to talking about commercial success. It was a successful album, anyway, because it had a great tour after. A lot of people just give a great feedback about the songs and everything, so I think it was quite successful.


Could we say that “Straight out of hell” is the logical follower of “7 sinners”?

Oh absolutely. I think it has pretty good material so far. I ‘m very excited because I can’t wait to get the reaction from the press and all the fans of course.


Since we haven’t seen the lyrics yet, could you tell us what kind of issues they describe?

I think it’s all a 100% Helloweenish lyrics. As you know we have a lot of different subjects from album to album. It’s has no concept, it’s not a concept album. There a lot of things we always like to talk about. For example there is a song called Nabatea which is about a mystical race. This is the only song with a concept which is also a long song. The fans know we like to do long songs as well in the manner of “Keeper of the seven keys”, «The King for a 1000 Years». Although we have this song there is no overall concept, we had no plan of making another concept album.

In the new album there is a song called “Asshole”. Who does it refer to?

(Laughs) Actually it is about everyone. Everyone can be an asshole in life or everyone knows somebody who is an asshole. If you listen to the song, it is a very positive song on the other hand. That’s the part of humour we have. It is funny to add those kind of lyrics to the positive feeling and it is meant to be. Just imagine to wake up in the morning and you go to work. You hate your boss because he is such a big asshole but there is nothing left to do because you have to work there. When you listen to the song you get in a good mood because it says what you want to say.

Could you describe us the cover of the new album? I hope it will be in similar style with “Better than Raw” and not with the recent covers that are digitalized.

It’s actually pretty pretty cool. You are very lucky because we didn’t know till yesterday which one would be. We had some ideas and we just got the final results today and I must say it’s a killer. It’s a newer style than we had before, is amazing, it has the Helloween humour. It’s not painted cover like «Better than raw» but it’s gonna be great.


What should Greek fans expect from the tour with G.Ray?

Actually we had a great show on the last tour with G.Ray in Athens. It was great on this package and we are going to do a headliner show without them. I think G.Ray are going to be in a good condition. I don’t know what they are pulling up for sure but we will have a great stage show of course, that’s what we are working on. Of course there will be a cooperation with Kai Hansen which the people liked very much when we did that back in 2008.


From time to time there have been rumors for an upcoming reunion with the original line up. How do you face these rumors?

So far I know there is nothing said about it. Michael Kiske states in interviews he has the best part of Helloween in his band. I don’t think there is a need for reunion.


What’s the relationship today between Helloween and Hansen, Kiske?

I don’t think there is a problem. Helloween are successful on their own. There are no bitter parts, no problem with them especially not with Kai. Personally I think it is not a clever idea to speak bad about other people in interviews. I don’t think that is really clever. If they have a problem we don’t care. We don’t have a bad relationship with them. I certainly I’ve never met Michael Kiske, so I can’t tell you what kind of person he is and with Kai Hansen I never had any problems.

After so many years the band exists, could we say that Helloween is a job or pleasure?

It is still pleasure. That’s what we like to do. Playing, creating music it’s a pleasure not a job. If I would say it is a job I would say it is the best job in the world.


Are you pleased with the current status of the band?

After seeing so many bands getting in trouble, commercially…music is a tough business nowadays, more tough than it was ten years ago. It is great if you can hang out together being on tour having a good time and creating music and going to the studio, still being alive and have all these fans waiting for new albums , waiting for the new tour that is the best thing that can happen to you.


What’s your favorite Helloween album?

I would say it depends on the mood. I like things Helloween have been doing over the years, even before I joined the band. So many different kinds of musical styles in their albums. So it is difficult saying which is the best album. It depends on the mood.


You’re 10 years in the band. After all these years, do you say that your dreams are fulfilled?

I would say the biggest dream I had when I was 15 years old has been fulfilled for a long time. I mean playing guitar writing songs going out there with some band, touring the world playing in front of a big audience. It’s great. It is the dream you have when you are a kid. It is amazing and all these d

reams have been absolutely fulfilled. Of course when you are in this position there is always more to explore, there is always more to do.


What should we expect from Helloween in the future?

I think you should be happy that we are keeping our shit together. That we are staying alive on this ridiculous and amusing business which became horrible in some ways and also which became pretty good in other ways .I think it is not so important what you can expect from us it is more important what we can expect from ourselves. We can’t know what is going to happen in the next couple of years. The best thing is to stay alive and make good music and good lyrics and influence a couple of people in a good way.


Ok Sascha the interview is over. Hope you enjoy it. See you at your concert in Greece.

Ok, be there!


Have a nice Day!

Happy New Year!


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