David Puentez is a German DJ/producer who is called «Master behind the Decks» and «King of Booty» by some big names in music industry. A few days before the worldwide release of brand new song «Horizon», Hit Channel found David so you can read below the very interesting things he told us:

Well David, how old were you, when you started playing music? When that passion about music started?

I started off with 15 years playing music and fell in love with house music since today and forever.

What made you become a Dj/producer?
My first Ibiza holiday 12 years ago.  It was the first time that I been to a major club there on the island and in this moment my passion & dream began.

Have you ever had as your idol a Dj/Producer? If yes, who?

Sure . When I started djing it was Tom Novy at that time. Now I really love the Swedish house Mafia Trio, Tiesto or Mark Knight – really loving them.

Besides the music, tell us some of your interests. In my little free time I do a lot of sports and work out, go for a walk into the forest to get some inspiration and find a peaceful place.
Soon, is going to be released your new single, called “Aerius”. Could you tell us some things about the track? Aerius is one of my latest tracks coming soon on the brand new German label RUN DBN, it’s the home of DBN! Really looking forward to the release and collaboration with the guys. It’s a peaktime club track that goes from a very melodic break into a huge buildup and ends off in a drop which is kinda surprising when u hear it the first time. On the remix we have Koen Groeneveld & KitSch 2.0. The promo started already and the feedbacks are great so far.

Do you think that nowadays people prefer most EDM, than in the previous years?
Yes that’s for sure! Since this trend came to the United States the hype was born and went global. I am really happy about this trend and I guess it will stay for the next 10 years at least.

Which country do you believe that has the biggest evolution at clubbing?
USA!!! It is unbelievable how this country changed from RNB/HIPHOP into Electronic music. Its always a huge pleasure for me to play in the USA. The crowd there is will and kinda junky like for some hard beats.

Your future plans?  Your next steps?

I am working currently hard on my next solo tracks and also one big collaboration is coming ahead. 2013 will be a hot year.

Have you ever have visited Greece?

I Love Greece! Such a wonderful country. Been there a few times for a quick holiday but never played there yet. I hope this will chang in 2013.

In which country you want to play and you haven’t visited yet?

Australia & Greece. Let’s do this!!!

Thanks a lot for your time David!


David’s websites: facebook fanpage, twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, Επίσημη Ιστοσελίδα

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