Interview: Harry Waters (Roger Waters,Ozric Tentacles,solo)


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harry2HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: January 2011. We can’t hide our happiness talking with Harry Waters, son of Pink Floyd’s mastermind, Roger Waters, and keyboardist in his father’s band, which now is touring all over the world for “The Wall”. Harry, is an extremely humble and down-to-earth person and also the cause I became interested in Grateful Dead and Phish. Harry, some months ago, he released his first solo work as “Harry Waters Band” where he plays first rate jazz music. Read below, the very interesting things he told us:


How much exhausting was being on the road for 3 months? Which was in your opinon, the highlight of the tour so far?

It’s been great, we’ve been playing three or four gigs a week, so the schedule is not demanding at all. TBH I have young children at home, so being on the road means I can get some sleep.


When ‘The Wall’ was released you were 3 years old. Now,you are touring for this album with Roger Waters’s band. I mean,it would be a bit surrealistic for you touring for this album?

It’s really special for me, it was the first album I got into. It takes me back to when I was three years old !

Some months ago, the first Harry Waters Band album was released. Are you happy by the feedback you get from fans and press? It’s is possible to do solo touring in new future?

I’ve had a great response to my record, I’ve sold nearly 2000 copies which is as good as I could have hoped for. Jazz sells far less than rock music ! I’ve done a  number of gigs with my band since, but would love to tour it. I’m busy for the next year with The Wall but maybe sometime in the future.


Have you written any new material for a next release? Will it be a jazz album again?

I haven’t had a chance to do any writing as I’ve been on the road, so no new material yet.


harry1Some years ago, you toured with Marianne Faithfull and Ozric Tentacles.Was it an interesting experience for you?I guess touring with Tentacles was more funny than with Mariane Faithfull,right?

Touring with the Ozrics was great fun, I love that music, so playing it was a real blast. I made some great friends whilst on that tour.


What music do you hear this period?

At the moment I’ve been listening to old favourites, Ween, Chopin, Meshuggah, Bill Evans etc.


Who would you say inspired you the most in your life? Brent Mydland (late Grateful Dead pianist)?

Probably Bill Evans (ed:highly influential jazz pianist,deceased) or Randy Newman (ed:legendary living pianist, famous for his sarcasm).


With who artist you’d like to work with? Maybe with Jonny Greenwood? (It would be fantastic)

Probably Scott La Faro (if he was alive) (ed:bassist in Bill Evans trio,deceased too)


What scares you more than anything?  

Cancer, used to be spiders.


What one thing you wish you could change about America?
The size of the portions, that country wastes way too much food.


How much your life has changed since you became a father? Do you see some things now differently?

Life has changed A LOT. I love my kids more than anything. For those of you without kids, trust me, you have NOTHING to worry about until you have kids. Also, sleep as much as you can before your kids are born, you will never sleep again afterwards.


Do you have any memories from the Athens, Greece 2006 show?

That was a great show, it was baking hot, and there was a beautiful mountain behind the stage. Playing outdoors is always fun when the sun is out.


A million thanks to Harry Waters.

Buy his album for here:


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