flemmingHIT CHANNEL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We had the great luck to talk with Grammy awarded producer Flemming Rasmussen.He is famous from his works with Metallica (“Ride The Lightning”, “Master of Puppets” and “Justice for All” albums),Rainbow (“Difficult to Cure”, “Bent Out of Shape”),Blind Guardian,Morbid Angel,Evile and more.Read below the interesting things he told us:


Firstly,it’s great contacting with you! Which are the current recordings you’re involved in?

I am currently doing a Thrash Metal band from Norway called ‘Tantara’. It’s gonna be great. It’s an old school Thrash album, with everything played as it should be. No sampling and editing but almost Live.


One of your greatest works is Evile’s ‘Enter The Grave’ debut album (2007). How you came in contact with them? Many of us were surprised that they didn’t continue working with you…

They contacted me, and were very happy. I gave them a good deal and, them on album 2 the record company wanted an even cheaper deal, and I said No. But that’s the way the business works.


Do you like today  Rainbow’s “Difficult To Cure” album?Was it difficult to simulate Foreigner sound as Blackmore demanded?

Yes I really like it. We didn’t really try to make it sound like anything else than Rainbow, so it came pretty much the way they played it.


How surreal was for you that  a successful band like Rainbow recorded at the studio of a young producer at Denmark?

I was really surprised, but they started to work with me doing a B-side for «Since You’ve Been Gone» in a break on a tour, and they liked it so much they decided to do the next album with me.


flemming3When you started your collaboration with Metallica they were an underground promising band.When they stopped working with you,the were superstars. Do you think you should have received more credit from fans and press for your contribution? (as I believe)

I think a lot of people realize that I was a great part of the making of Metallica, so I get a lot of fanmail from all over the world.


How much helped your collaboration with Metallica the fact that Lars Ulrich is Danish?

It made communication with Lars easier, but I think we would have ended the same place if he was not a Dane.


Morbid Angel’s ‘Covenant’ is a landmark for extreme music.How difficult was to create that sound?Were you familiar with their first albums?

I didn’t know Morbid Angel till they asked me to do Covenant. I just wanted to make a loud, fast well-sounding Metal-album with them, as I thought the songs invited to that.And then working with the band made everything come together as a whole.It was more or less my sound ideas that came out on that album.



The Blind Guardian albums you produced are among the best ever power metal albums. How hard was to vitalize the vision Hansi Kursch had in his mind (with all the Tolkien influences,etc)?

Again, the collaboration with the band, made the end result more or less  set from the beginning. And a lot of the nice acoustic instruments, made that Medieval sound that I really like on those albums. My work with Folk musicians was a big help, as I had recorded a lot of strange instruments with much luck,on different Folk albums.


Who are your influences as a producer?

My first really big inspiration was Roy Thomas Baker, and his work with Queen. Then it was Tony Visconti, Bowie and Peter Gabriel.


Is there anyone you’d like to work with and hasn’t happened yet?Maybe with Eric Clapton?

I would really like to do an album with Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, David Bowie and other great musicians.


What music do you hear nowadys?

All kinds of music. From Folk to Metal. Just now my favorite is Christopher Cross’s ‘Dr. Faith’ so everything.


Do you think rock’n’roll is dead and now everything is about managers,contracts and percentages? So,Jim Morrison was right again?

The business is a big part of the music industry, but with the internet, more and more people release their own music,without the help of managers etc. I would say though, that a good manager is very important to take care of the business side of things, so the band can focus on the music. I see a lot of people who spend way too much time with the business side, and forget that they are musicians and artists.


Have you ever been in Greece? Send a message to Greek listeners.

I have been to Greece many times on vacation, and it is my favorite place to enjoy the summer. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Greece this summer, but I will be back next summer.Till then have a great time and take good care of Your country, that so many people love.


A huge “THANK YOU” to Flemming Rasmussen.

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