An exclusive interview from Plumb, only on Hit-Channel! And this is just the beggining!

Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, better-known by her stage name Plumb, is a songwriter, recording artist, performer and author. Plumb has sold more than 500,000 albums and over two million singles worldwide!


A great honor to me, to have an interview with the most talented singer, Plumb. Hope you like her words and of course i’m so glad for the opportunity!

Interview | Iro Tzimika.

– Hello Plumb! How are you?

– Hello! I’m fantastic!

– Have you ever been in Greece?

– No, I’ve not been.

– Did you know that you have fans here?

– That’s amazing! Thank you!

– What have you heard about Greece? Because now we are in the worlds favorites with the crisis that we been through and all that! :P

– I’ve heard you have incredible food!!!

– How all this began? 

– Hard work that led to open doors that I’m thankful for.

– Was your dream as a little girl to be a singer?

– No. Although I sang constantly it wasn’t something I felt like I could dream…it seemed too big. I’m very grateful.

– First, can you tell me about your stage name “Plumb”? What’s the story behind I mean!

– It’s taken from a Suzanne Vega song called «my favorite plum». She’s an artist I’m inspired by.

– You have released 6 albums. Which one is your favorite and why? 

– This current one. Need You Now. It’s the most personal as well as the one I’m most proud of musically.

– Last year you released your current album “Need You know”. Tell me about it! And you have also a single with the name “Need You know”. A big success as I see! 

– Again, the most personal work I’ve done. Both it’s content and musically how it’s produced sonically is the truest to who plumb truly is.

– If you had the chance what you’ll changed in the world to be better?

– Violence of every kind. I’d encourage conversation instead of war and love instead of such hate. I am for peace.

– I know that in the 2000, you decide to leave music industry but a fan of yours changed your mind! Are the words so powerful in the end? 

– Their letter both held me accountable as well as inspired a change in attitude for me. It changed my life.

– You are connected in all the social media, facebook, twitter etc. Tell me about your relation with your fans! 

– My fans mean more to me than I’m able to explain. They’ve inspired some of my most important songs as well as held me accountable to being true to who plumb is and also were a huge source of strength when my life was falling apart it seemed a few years ago.

– So, let’s talk about ‘Cut”. This song is one of your biggest hits worldwide. But, so much pain in the lyrics. Why’s that?

– Self injury is a real issue. I believe healing can comethrough conversation and music is a great tool to create that conversation so cut is a song that inspires such.

– In the lyrics you said that you don’t want to be afraid. What’s scares you in life? 

– In that song I am speaking on behalf of everyone who feels silenced for what ever reason they feel like they are alone. However in life, I have fears just like the next person.

– We first hear “Cut” from Vampire Diaries. Do you watch series? Tell me about your favorite series! 

– I actually haven’t. I don’t watch a lot of TV. I’m very thankful for their use of my music though.

– From where do you draw inspiration?

– Darkness. Sadness. Pain. Suffering. Because I think hope shines brightest there and I believe there is always hope.

– Have you made many trips around the world? Do you have a favorite city?

– Yes. London.

– Tell me an awkward moment on stage that you will remember forever! 

– My pants splitting open in a jump from the stage. Eeeek!

– You live now in Nashville as I read. And you have 3 children. How is your connection? You always wanted to be mother? 

– Amazing. They matter more to me and my husband than anything in this world.

– Your future plans? What can we expect from you?

– A deluxe version of the current album with 4 new songs and 2 new remixes. A fall tour. A book, telling my story. A memoir. And more touring over Christmas. Life.

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