An interview with a great artist, GazeboPaul Mazzolini (born 18 February 1960), known as Gazebo, is an Italian musician. He has a legend status among fans of the Italo disco music style, a variation of 1980s Eurodisco.

A great honor for me, to have an interview with one of the best 80’s artist, Gazebo!

Interview | Iro Tzimika

– Hello mr. Paul! How are you these days? How the things going?

– Very well thank you … working, shows and studio !

– Well, I want to start from the begging of your career! So, let’s go back. Was your childish dream to be a singer? How all these began?

– I actually wanted to be a guitarist, well I am, but guess I’m a better at singing .. (LOL)

– I want to talk about “I like chopin”. This is one of the biggest success of you… Tell me about this song and it’s history! Nowadays we still hear it at the radio stations all over!

– It’s about the love story between Chopin and George Sand, romantic and impressionistic

– What “Gazebo” meaning?

– Gazebo is a small round rooftop you find in the gardens ..I used that word in my first single «Masterpiece» in 1982 and decided to adopt it as a stage name.

– After that, we have “Lunatic”. How about this song? Was in the top 20 across Europe back then.

– It talks about the genius ..he lives above all the average people but at the same time he is often a very fragile person …

– How do you feel that your songs still are in the world’s preferences? After almost 20 years…

– I’m the first to be surprised and am very pleased and thankful !

– Your video clips were unusual those days. Tell me about the stories that you’ve made and the concept of the clips.

– The videos just like the lyrics are an opportunity to send a message, to give an impression, a thought ..why waste this opportunity ? I never liked stupid lyrics and meaningless videos…

– Which is your favorite album of yours?

– Financially the first of course !LOL but I’m very happy with my last two productions «The Syndrone» in 2008 and my live album «I Like Live» from last year.

– From all the songs that you’ve singed, which one is your favorite?

– Each song has a meaning, but I have a special place in my heart for «Masterpiece» and «The Man At The Window»

– Last year, you have released your first live album. How was it like an experience?

– Yeah it was a dream come true, to be able to tour with a band and to record the shows … I’m very proud of this record as we managed to let the audience flow through 30 years of songs,seemlessly wasn’t easy.

– Did you watch the worldwide music news? How you see the music industry of today? Did we have good artists? What’s your favorite?

– To be honest not very much. I like some of the british alternative rock bands like Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand.

– We are neighbors! You are from Italy, and I’m from Greece. Have you ever been in Greece?

– Of course ! I love Greece, I even did a live concert with my band in Athens ! Did some lovely 80′ shows all over from Patras to Zakynthos ..this year Santorini!

– Have you heard about what we are going through here? About the crisis I mean…

– We have crisis in Italy as well. Lots of unemployment .. it’s very sad .. let’s hope it’s going to pass soon.

– Let’s change subject… As I know you are father of two beautiful “kids”! Tell me about your relationship with them!

– Children are the best experience in life ..Τhey are the meaning of our life. We are just passing through … I always gave credit to my children and made them decide by themselves .. I just taught them to use their brain and not only their hearts in their decisions …

– In the past, you have made many trips around the world. Tell me a country that you have visit and you’ll remember forever!

– Wow too many to mention .. I’ve travelled all my life long before I got to be a singer so my home is the planet Earth and that’s why we need to protect against human stupidity and greed.

– Which was the most weird thing, that a fan did for you!

– A fan wanted to call her child «Gazebo» ! I begged her not to do it !

-Tell me about your future plans. What we can expect from you? A single? An album?

– I’m working on a new album .. I really would like to see it released in 2014 !

– And for the end if you want, give a wish to your Greek fans!

– A big hug to all of them, Italians and Greeks are cousins and I’ve always felt at home in Greece. I hope to meet you, maybe in Santorini in August!

– Thank you for this interview! 

– Thank You, Euharisto !

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