HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: December 2010. We contacted for one more time with Duncan Patterson (Ion,ex-Antimatter,ex-Anathema) who is always a great person to talk with. Read below the great things he told us.


How do you spent your days in Mexico? Did you get bored of Europe?

I’ ve been trying to do everyday things really, nothing too spectacular. I have been suffering from serious illness so I have been resting and recovering from that. I actually discovered a healing technique called the Yuen Method while I have been here which has helped me a lot. Returning to Europe last summer was a bit of a comedown after spending the first half of the year travelling around Latin America. If things do happen for a reason then I’ve been directed back here for the sake of my health.


Was 2010 a good year for you? Are you happy with the response you received for your masterpiece ‘Imacculada’ album?

The first half of 2010 was a great experience, seeing parts of the world that I’d never been to before. I met some musicians who actually bothered their arse to learn my songs and we enjoyed playing together. But, as I said, the return to Europe wasn’t so enjoyable for many reasons. The press response in Europe for ‘Immaculada’ has been virtually non-existent, but the people who have bought it seem to like it more than the first album. I’m gonna put my best efforts into promoting it this side of the Atlantic and see what happens. Maybe thats another sign too. Im happy enough with 2010 anyway, I’ve had two releases that I’m really proud of in Immaculada and Alternative Matter, plus I’m raring to go on next years projects. I still have the energy for it all and haven’t become complacent like so many established musicians do. I can see the bright side of some of the obstacles that are placed in front of me. If everything was given to me on a plate then I may well churn out shite generic music, this is a common phenomenon.


In April 2011 you’ll release a new album containing covers of  traditional Irish songs. Can you give us some more details?

Im recording an album with a flautist that I met in Buenos Aires called Augusto Reinhold. We did two gigs together and rotated around the city for the best part of 6 weeks. We have a good musical connection and decided to record something together. Most of the tracks are traditional Irish and there are some medieval tracks in there two, as well as a couple of my own compositions that will be re-recorded. I have some mandolin parts recorded already, once I am back to 100% health I will continue and we will aim have it all ready for April. Mick Moss’s record label Music In Stone will release it. I’d like to do more gigs with Augus as it’s a pleasure to work with someone like him.


You have revealed that you want to do an more electric album called ‘Alternative 4’. Have you completed the composition of these songs? Who others will participate in?

It’s all written, Im just waiting on news from a few labels to figure out how and who will release it. I’ll speak more about that when things actually get in motion.


Which was in your opinion the best album which released in 2010?

Bon Jovi greatest hits and ‘Immaculada’


Do you miss the early 90s days in Liverpool when you started your music career? Do you think there was a promising scene then in Liverpool?

I miss the early 90s, and that period was not confined to Liverpool. I dont think it mattered where I was based. As the scene was so healthy it was possible to travel and play gigs everywhere, and the tape-trading scene was huge as people were hungry for underground music, and a lot of people looking for new sounds and that. People seemed to have more pride in their individuality. Things are way different now, independent music got picked up on by the bigger labels and media, then loads of phoneys appeared. All listening to the same music and looking the same, obsessed by these ‘brand names’ more so than anything aural.


Is it possible to do some South America tour dates the period you are in Mexico?

If someone makes me an offer to get down there then I’ll do it. It would probably cost around the same price to fly there from Europe as it would from Mexico though.


What one band would you love to see return with an album and tour?



What scares you more than anything?



Have you ever been arrested? (I saw this question in an interview recently, I’m curious for your response)

Yeah I have been arrested a few times.


What word do you hate? (Me,the word ‘never’)

There are a few words that I try not to use. Weak words like ‘should’. I cant really think of a word that I hate though.


Who would you say inspired you the most,in your life? (Me, Roger Waters)

My old Kung Fu teacher Jimmy Chan (RIP). He taught me about meditation and balance at a young age and thats stayed with me. I just wish I would have used it more when I was younger, though being a teenager is a good time to be daft and make mistakes that you can learn from later. There are various musicians that I have a big respect for, but in life it goes back to the Kung Fu days. I was only thinking about this last week after my treatment. I’ve kind of gone full circle with coming back to these philosophies and stuff.


What turns you on?

Liverpool FC getting beat, The Beatles – ‘With The Beatles’, and ripe avocados.


What’s the one thing you wish you could change about America?

I wish the big pharmaceutical companies were more interested in healing people than in profit. With the rise of natural healing and so called ‘alternative health’ there are plans to shut down a lot of producers of natural foods and herbs. Good the ‘Food Safety Bill’.


Justin Greaves (Crippled Black Phoenix,ex-Iron Monkey,ex-Electric Wizard) told me last week ‘Here’s my rule for life – Faced with complete failure, utter defiance is the only response’.Do you agree with this?

It depends what type of failure really. If its a failed attempt to do something then you can try a different way, or just say ‘ah well’ and do something else. Theres loads of stuff to do in life. The ‘ah well’ technique is alright like. I’m defiant by nature anyway so.


Do you believe that in previous decades (60s, 70s, even 80s for some) there was generally better and more original music being made?

It depends really. If you mean popular music then it’s a yes for sure. But who knows what is being made behind closed doors these days?


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Special thanks to Duncan Patterson.

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