Interview:Denny Seiwell (Paul McCartney & Wings,Art Garfunkel,Rick Danko,Denny Seiwell Trio)


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HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: November 2011. Hit Channel had the great luck to talk with a legendary drummer: Denny Seiwell. He played in Paul McCartney’s “Ram” album and he brought him to his new band, Wings where he played in their first two album. He has also recorded with Rick Danko (The Band), Art Garfunkel, James Brown, Donovan, Liza Minelli and Janis Joplin. His latest amazing album as Denny Seiwell Trio “Reckless Abandon” is already out! Read below the very interesting things he told us:


Which are the current projects you’re involved in? Are you doing any recordings/gigs this period?

I am now working on my Jazz trio Denny Seiwell Trio, teaching, doing drum clinics and some recording with friends….once in a while I tour with Kenny Wayne Shepherd band when their regular drummer needs a few nites off.


Are you satisfied from the feedback you’ve got so far from fans and press for Denny Seiwell Trio’s ‘Reckless Abandon’ album?

The feedback from ‘Reckless Abandon’.. was great from the fans, and thanks to Facebook , managed to sell quite a few copies.  We have had great reviews on Itunes as well. No record company affiliation as yet though.


Do you think Paul McCartney’s ‘Ram’ album was a catalyst for your later career?

NO…’Ram’ was not received very well when it came out, and I was known for many other recordings that I made before meeting Paul…Wings helped with worldwide recognition, more than anything. There is a plan to re-issue “Ram” in the beginning of next year. It is the best recording that I have been a part of….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow much artistic freedom did you have when you were in Wings?

I had total artistic freedom on the “Ram” album. Paul asked me to find  a different part on “Uncle Albert”, and that was about it…..He didn’t tell me what to play EVER !


Do you remember any funny/unknown/unexpected story or trivia from Art Garfunkel’s ‘Breakaway’ album? There were many great musicians there like Jim Keltner, Nicky Hopkins, Leland Sklar, Paul Simon..

Not really it was just another day in the studio for me….but Richard Perry (producer) nearly hit the recording board with a hammer when Brooks Arthur couldn’t get a drum sound that he wanted …


How you got the offer to play with Lisa Minelli? Was Lisa as easy-going person to work with?

Lisa was great….it again was just another recording session where the best guys were called in.


I guess you felt privileged when Rick Danko called you for his debut after The Band broke out.Did you enjoy these sessions?

Rick Danko was just incredible…as a singer and bass player he was very unique..we had many great live and recorded shows together…I miss him very much…Ran into Gary Busey the other day, and reminisced about the days that Rick, Gary, Paul Butterfield and Rick’s band toured…It was incredible around 1978….That touring band was great and can be found on Youtube and  the internet.

denny2How strange was playing in Janis’ ‘Farewell Song’ without having met Janis?

Very strange….We had an earphone mix of Janis in the center….Big Brother on one side and us on the other….Janis was singing live and on the Money completely, but Big Brother was not so good that show….so we replaced them on the recording…it was eerie to say the least. Wish I could’ve played with her live…she was amazing.


You have played in both stadiums and jazz clubs in your career. Where do you prefer the most doing gigs?

I love any place I am playing if it is with great players…Ιt’s always a different experience if the venue is larger or smaller…sometimes great, other times not so good….But the music is what’s important.


Do you think jazz is the longest love of your life?
I do Like jazz very much, but I also feel the same about Brazilian music and a lot of rock n roll….


Have your ever been in Greece? Send a message to Greek fans.

I have been to Athens when I was in the Navy Band, and loved every minute of it…That was 1965… I first drank Ouzo there, and didn’t remember anything…The food was incredible…We ate at a funky restaurant in a funky neighborhood at the foot of the Acropolis one day, only to find out that this was the place where the chefs from the downtown restaurants came to eat….I am hoping to get back to Greece one day, and wish the best for the Greek people in their financial crisis….I have many Greek friends here in the US, and they are very strong people, who will get it together like us, and go forward….That is my message….


Α huge “THANK YOU” to Mr Denny Seiwell.

Buy his new album “Reckless Abandon” which has 5 Paul McCartney songs in it, here:



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