HIT CHANNEL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: May 2011. We had the great honour to talk with one of the most legendary guitarists ever,Dave Mason.Dave was a founding member of Traffic,he recorded “All Along the Watchtower” with his friend Jimi Hendrix, in Rolling Stones’ “Beggar’s Banquet”,in George Harrison’s utra-classic “All Things Must Pass”,his song “Feelin’Alright” was covered by Joe Cocker and Michael Jackson (Jackson 5) !!!!! Read below the interesting things he told us:


Which are the current music projects you’re involved in?Are you writing any new music this period?

Yes I am always writing new music and doing new mixed. You can find the most up to date, newest things directly at my website http://www.DaveMasonMusic.com.

Do you still enjoy being on the road or you have quitted touring?
Yes, I love to play and we tour extensively. We are working on a European tour for next year.


dave3Do you think if you hadn’t invited Jimi Hendrix in your party in 1968,then we wouldn’t ever listen to ‘All Along the Watchtower’? What memories you have from its recordings at Olympic Studios that night?

It wasn’t  my party, it was a somebody else’s house. Some awesome music came out of that night.

Do you miss your old friends:Jimi Hendrix, Jim Capaldi, George Harrison? How difficult is to accept their lose?

Yes, they are great talents who left too soon.


Do you think Traffic should have become more popular band,but the egos were the problem?

Don’t know!


Which songs exactly your recorded on Stones’ ‘Beggars Banquet’? How was being in a room with Keith Richards and Brian Jones? I guess a lot of noise!

‘Street Fighting Man’. It was great to be a part of these sessions and be a part of rock and roll history.

dave1All Things Must Pass’ sessions were lenghty.Did you enjoy participating in that all-star line-up? How difficult was for George Harrison to manage all these people?

Yes I enjoyed it. And there were all very easy and relaxed sessions. We all got along.

Jim Gordon, great drummer and an old collaborator of yours, spent years in jail after killing his mother with an axe. Were you shocked when you first heard about it? Do you have any contact with him nowadays?

Who wouldn’t be shocked! No I have not had contact with Jim Gordon since that time (Ed: Jim Gordon also co-wrote ‘Layla’ with Eric Clapton).


You spend many time and attention to charity prodects. Can you tell us more about these projects? Do you see it as an offer of a person who lived in 60s to younger generations?

http://www.WVFV.net, and http://www.YogaBlue.org. Both are amazing, inspiring, and worthwhile organizations and I am honored to serve on their Board of Trustees.

Is there anyone you want to play with and hasn’t happened yet?Maybe with Neil Young?

Steve Miller.


Have you ever been in Greece?Send a message to your Greek fans.

I wrote ‘Feelin’ Alright’ on the island of Hydra when I was 19. I love Greece and hope to return one day.


A huge THANKS to Mr Dave Mason.It’s a dream to talk with him!!

Check his fantastic site http://www.DaveMasonMusic.com



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