Interview:Dave Bronze (Eric Clapton,Tom Jones,Andy Fairweather-Low)


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bronze3HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: February 2011. Hit Channel had the honour to talk with a great musician, bassist Dave Bronze. Dave is known from his work with legends like Eric Clapton, Tom Jones, Andy Fairweather-Low, Gary Moore and many others. Read below the great things he told us:


Which are the current projects you’re involved in?
I am fortunate to be working regularly with 2 great artists, Andy Fairweather Low and Tom Jones. I also still work occasionally with Eric Clapton, as well as some sessions with various other people.


Some months ago,it was released Tom Jones’s ‘Praise and Blame’ album  where you are playing in it. It was a joy for you to play with Tom Jones? Did you expect this album to have so amazing feedback from fans and press?
Yes, it really was a great experience recording the ‘Praise And Blame’ album! Tom is an amazing singer, and it was also really good to work with producer Ethan Johns on the project. I have very good memories of the sessions. You’re right in saying that the reaction was very good from fans and press, but I knew it was a great record so I wasn’t too surprised.


Sadly, some weeks ago,an old collaborator of yours, Gary Moore, passed  away.What do you rememeber the most of him?
Yes, that was a real shock! I only played with Gary a few times, but he was such a phenomenally gifted guitarist! He had such amazing technical ability and control, but still played with such fire. He will be badly missed.


You’re close friends with Robin Trower. How possible is a new album with him?
There are no plans for this at the moment. He has a good band and doesn’t need any help from me!


You have played for years with Eric Clapton. Do you think that period was your career highlight? How is Eric as person? (Last August, Steve Gadd gave me an interview)
My time with EC was definitely a career highlight. I will always be grateful to Eric for giving me the opportunity to play with him and the great players in his band (such as Steve). Fortunately I still get to play with Eric a few times a year, which is always a pleasure.


bronze1You played in Concert for George in 2003 on stage along with Paul McCartney. Did you feel strange sharing the same stage with such a legend and an influence of yours (as I suppose)?
The Concert For George was definitely a very big moment for me, and it was very strange to be playing bass alongside Mr McCartney! Not forgetting Ringo, Eric, Billy Preston and all the other brilliant musicians who took part. A totally unforgettable experience!


During the last years you work with your old friend Andy Fairweather-Low with great results.Do you think you should receive more recognition for these albums with Andy? (as I believe)
Yes, I most certainly do think Andy should receive much more recognition. He is one of the very best guitarists I have ever worked with. His songwriting skills are very under-rated, and he is a truly great performer. We are going back on the road this year, starting with the support spot on Eric Clapton’s UK tour in May, and hopefully more people will get to appreciate how really good Andy is.


bronze2Do you enjoy playing in smaller venues or your prefer big audiences as you did for many many years? (Steve Gadd told me that both have their magic)
I would agree with Steve on this. They are obviously very different, but there are good and bad things about both.


What music do you hear this period? For example, do you like Radiohead?
Yes, I really like Radiohead. I have a very wide taste in music, and enjoy anything from Nat King Cole to Captain Beefheart. Currently I think Elbow are really interesting, and I listen to a lot of Lyle Lovett, Tom Waits, Toots & The Maytals, Bach, Beach Boys, James Brown, etc. etc.


Have you ever been in Greece? Send a message to Greek fans.
Yes, I have been to Greece several time for holidays, but I don’t think I’ve played there. I really like Greece a lot! The food, the weather, the history, the scenery & people, all fabulous. I’m sure I will be back there again soon.


Special thanks to Dave Bronze for his answers. Check

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