Interview:Danny Cavanagh (Anathema)


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HIT CHANNEL INTERVIEW: March 2011. We  had the luck to talk with a person who changed many people’s hearts and minds with his music and lyrics. Anathema’s main songwriter and guitarist Daniel Cavanagh. He‘s the first person who did a cover album consisted only with Nick Drake songs! And we should say that!


Are you satisfied with the feedback you got for ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here’? How much the news songs ‘work’ during concerts?

Feedback has been amazing. It’s voted album of the year across Europe. After so long without too much recognition. This felt good. Live, the songs work great. We play all the record, in order, at almost all the shows.

You spent about many years working on  this album. It was a difficult process to create it, musically and emotionally?

I suppose it was, but I always knew the songs were very strong and that it would do well. It was difficult and partly it’s because we self recorded it. I don’t think we would do that again.


danny1How close is a new studio album as the initial plan was a double CD release? Are you writing music this period?

Well we have lots of things planned. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Anathema played in Athens city center last September with Porcupine Tree. Did you enjoy that night? Your red Stratocaster broke many hearts!!!

Ooh, that’s a nice thing to say but I am not sure quite what you mean. But I have a red Stratocaster because of Mark Knopfler. And he broke hearts too, and inspired. It’s all a great chain, isnt it? It was great as always playing with PT and especially that one, which was my favourite ever show with them.


I know you love Radiohead. Did you like their new album ‘The King of Limbs’?

i haven’t listened to it fully but i am sure I will like it. Perhaps over time. Their stuff tends to grow on me these days. They have never made a bad album and they never will. One of the true greats in modern music.


danny2Did you read something stunning lately, as you’re a big reader? Are you a fan of J.D Salinger’s books?

I dont know that name. I do listen to audiobooks quite alot. For fiction I like Tolkien and Stephen King. For research I like Deepak Chopra and others.


What music do you hear this period?

I am in a big 80’s renaissance. I generally listen to that stuff when passing through the day. It washes my brain with positivity.
Are we going to see Anathema soon in Greece?
We’ll be back I don’t doubt, but I am not sure when.


Send a message to Greek fans.

Thank you always for your support. You were the first to embrace modern Anathema. We didn’t forget that.


Special thanks to Daniel for everything.Check



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