HIT CHANNEL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: November 2010. We had the great honour to talk with a legendary musician: Damo Suzuki. He was the singer of CAN, a highly influential German band from the ‘70s. He is very active touring all over the world with Damo Suzuki’s Network and has also collaborated with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from The Mars Volta. Read below the very interesting things he told us:


You are almost always on tour. Do you enjoy giving live shows and playing with different line-ups?

I have every day different movie and menus. From this instant band comes often special moments which will never able to compare.. Energy sources are also different local to local, interest, politics, mentality…there are so many space to create…


Do you have any studio album plans for the near future? Any new collaboration?
I’m not interested in Studio Album. I’m instant composer and stay on this. I prefer every day process, not one day product.
In 2007 you recorded with the talented Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from The Mars Volta. How did this collaboration happen? Is it possible a follow-up release to this?

When he performed in Cologne where I live, I went to his show and wanted to say “Hi” as he joined Network performances a couple of times before (same year 2005, also Mars Volta was curator for All Tomorrow’s Parties.) and he asked me if I like  join them last piece of the show. He recorded/edited out of that live recording. About follow-up release.. who knows tomorrow? It might come if there is the time.


 damo2Can is a legendary band and you did some great albums with them. Did you realise at time (in early ’70s) that you were writing history or you treated to your music as something normal?
Everybody is writing his own history. Time I’ve got is too short to think about own history……maybe it’s not necessary to see way back. If other perspective say like you say, then leave it like that. I’m part of this universe and living like other people on this planet, I don’t like to put myself something special…


Many bands and artists are influenced by Can music. Do YOU see this influence in their music, let’s say in Radiohead music? Are you familiar with the nowadays music?

Yes, possible…it’s just depend on we came earlier than Radiohead or whoever. Older ones have a bit point on time processes. I like music of today much more than things I heard epoc to epoc. I prefer more  listening to classical music..

Who artists do you consider as contemporaries of yours? Maybe Frank Zappa?

I find nobody……!?

Would you say “yes” in a invitation for a Can reunion or you see it as impossible? If John Frusciante would like to participate?

This will be never happen…just out of the question. All those re-union bands are doing for many sweets. Also you cannot have same feel/atomosphere like thier active period, they had.. Over is over…anything comes as repetition is only artificial and as I said just for sweets. And all those poor fans ask you to play this and that because they just like to be in their younghood even for a moment. With this kind of sentimentality I will never be a friend. All those people find already answer and they’re not interesting in what other (younger) generation are doing. They never open their mind to listen here and there is music of new generation….oh, better don’t talk about.. It’s not my world…this theme.

damo3What fact about you (musical or not) would surprise fans?

I’m still living and even performing…


Have you ever heard of experimental Japanese band Boris? I guess you ‘d like their music.

Sorry, I know their name and I met them once at a festival…But, I don’t know their music.


Last March you played a gig in Thessaloniki, Greece. Was your first time in Greece? It is possible a future Athens show as many fans couldn’t attend in Thessaloniki?
I performed  a couple of times in Thessaloniki and Athens. To make a concert is matter of organisation. That mean even there are people like you to listen my music, if there is no promoters likely to arrange a show…never will happen. Unfortunately, many things are matter of business.


Send a message to the Greek fans who love your music?

Experience at least one show of Damo Suzuki’s Network, then you will find something which you cannot explain but, you’re longing for.


Special thanks to Mr Damo Suzuki.

Please check out www.damosuzuki.de .

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